Polio Plus Update

As we begin our new Rotary Year of Service, it is important to review our remarkable progress towards completing the # 1 priority of our Rotary Foundation and of more than 1.2 million Rotarians around the world – THE ERADICATION OF POLIO.


In terms of fundraising for POLIO PLUS, last year was a record setting year in a number of ways. First 100% of our clubs contributed to ending polio. Secondly our average per capita contribution was $91.60 per member. Third when the Gates 2 for 1 contributions are added to our district fundraising of $ 223,051 plus our district contribution of $ 75,000 out of DDF funds, the total reaches $ 1,006,653 for 2015-16 for 5130. A record setting year for our district.


It is important to note that these funds were a combination of community wide fundraisers throughout our district, along with individual Rotarian contributions, and business contributions specific to POLIO PLUS. Our clubs were very successful the past few years in terms of promoting community fundraising and I hope you will continue this during your year of service. Promoting within the communities we serve also performs a second function – letting the non Rotarians better understand what Rotary and Rotarians are all about. In this specific cause it is about changing children’s lives and saving children’s lives through the administration world wide of a polio vaccine which today has reached over 2 BILLION CHILDREN.


This year we again have the partnership of Bill & Melinda Gates and their generous 2 for 1 matching. They will make each $ 1 contribution $ 3 to help us fund polio immunizations. There is no other place in our Rotary Foundation where your dollar will go this far and save a child’s life. Starting with immunizations in 1988, over 350,000 children were paralyzed in 125 countries. Today year to date 19 cases in 2 countries.


Yours in Rotary Service,


Larry D. Myers, P.D.G. Polio Plus chair