This year’s District Conference at McClellan Air Force Base took place and our Dreams were “Cleared for Takeoff”.

We had Ideation Sessions where we all collaborated on coming up with solutions to difficult problems. Even the Youth Exchange Students participated, and their input was amazing.

We had “Hands on Projects”, where we packaged over 10,000 high protein meal packs, each capable of feeding 6 people, to be sent to where they’re needed in the world.

Or another hands-on project, where we assembled 50 prosthetic hands for use by amputees in the developing world.

We also had fun with golf, bocce ball and a bike ride on Friday morning, followed by a Youth Exchange run Paper Airplane Contest on Saturday afternoon.

And speaking of fun, our emcee had more wardrobe changes in one weekend then most of us do in a year…from Rosie the Riveter, to a Top Gun Ace, to a 70’s throwback “stewardess”, to Amelia Earhart.

A Hospitality Suite that was to die for, with over the top hors d’oeuvres to nosh on, as well as a full hosted bar, both Friday and Saturday nights…we had to “Kick ‘em out” at 11pm so they would get up for the next day’s activities J

And last, but not least, our top-notch speakers for the weekend gave us great substance for us to “chew on.”

The District’s Flickr account, holds 978 photos of the weekend that were taken by our  team of four professional photographers, including Rick Tang, Tom Boag, Harvey Henningsen, and Robert Pierce. If you attended and know your image was taken on, say, Saturday night at the Hospitality Suite, there is a schedule of activities at the beginning, and each photo is coded chronologically, so you can look up a specific day and hour. See the next page for instructions and the link to see and download our photo collection.

Thanks for all who attended. This Conference was for you and we hope you felt it was worth every minute of your time spent there.


Yours in Rotary Service, DG Bob