Our District Conference went virtual for 2021 due to complications that COVID presented. PDG Doug Johnson had planned to hold the first major live event for the District since COVID restrictions took hold in 2020, but chose to forgo any possible problems with the current status of the pandemic. The baseball theme for the conference didn’t change only the stadium, which went virtual on October 23rd. Be sure to watch the video on YouTube to hear how Rotary and Baseball have a lot in common.

There were a variety of fun baseball-related videos shared throughout the presentation which included awards being given to Clubs throughout the District.  In addition, DE Jennifer Strong shared the District’s efforts to promote and take action on a variety of environmental issues. She concluded her talk by asking that Rotarians spread the word that we would like to form a new Rotary E-Club for the environment, and the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) is a great way to show your support for the world we live on.

District Governor Dustin Littlefield was live in the studio for the conference and thanked all Rotarians for their being so adaptable to the changes we have all been through in both our personal lives and in Rotary. Having to step back from our live meetings opened the door to understanding new technology and that could play a large role in the organization’s future. It was announced that his Conference will take place “live” in Fortuna, California in late May 2022. More info to follow.

The program introduced an amazing speaker and Rotary Peace Fellow Aimal Halim, an Afghani who worked with the US Military as a translator and cultural advisor. He is one of the fortunate ones to have made the journey to the U.S. along with his wife and children. He spoke about the difficulties he faced when arriving and his journey from poverty and homelessness to becoming a university graduate, acquiring U.S. Citizenship, and his selection as Rotary’s first Afghan Peace Fellow. Aimal’s message is one of hope for those still in Afghanistan that the more than 20-years of American intervention will be near impossible to take away under the current government of the Taliban. An amazing presentation by an amazing person, you don’t want to miss it. Here is the link to the Conference video.