AG – Assistant Governor

DDF – District Designated Funds

DG – District Governor

DGE – District Governor Elect

DGN – District Governor Nominee

DSG – District Simplified Grant

EREY – Every Rotarian Every Year

FOB – Festival of Brotherhood

GETS – Governor Elect Training Seminar

GNATS – Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar

GSE – Group Study Exchange

MG – Matching Grant

MOP – Manual of Procedure

NID – National Immunization Day

PE – President Elect

PETS – President Elect Training Seminar

PDG – Past District Governor

PHF – Paul Harris Fellow

PN – President Nominee

RINO – Rotary in name only

RI – Rotary International

RIMC – Rotary International Membership Coordinator

RID – Rotary International Director

RIP – Rotary International President

PRID – Past Rotary International Director

PRIP – Past Rotary International President

RIPE – Rotary International President Elect

RRFC – Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator

RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Award

TRF – The Rotary Foundation

WCS – World Community Service

YE – Youth Exchange