Bob Rogers is in his second year as an End Polio Now Coordinator. He is from Northern California and is on the EPNC team led by Linda Robinson. Director Vicki Puliz says that the End Polio Now Coordinator Team of Bob Rogers and Greg Owen, Southern California, is getting the job done for Polio Plus, and she is providing more Rotarians to support them. Foundation Chair John Germ knows the significant contributions to PolioPlus that Bob has made. Bob contracted polio at age five and was hospitalized for a brief period.

With a great deal of therapy, he regained much of his function and now walks without assistive devices and only a hint of a limp, in which he takes some pride. It serves him as a reminder of the presence of polio and its devastating effects. It helps to open discussions with other people and Rotarians who may not be as familiar with the disease or think we have been raising money too long.

Bob has been interested and committed to working with Rotary’s programs to eliminate polio from the world. After being District Governor, he was on the district 5130 polio plus committee, continuing to tell Rotarians that we need to keep our promise to the world’s children.

He is a member of the End Polio Now Coordinator team, consisting of himself and Greg Owen, and is responsible for publishing the Big West Polio Plus newsletter. He has all of the pizzazz and details to make it excellent.

Bob has been on one National Immunization Day trip, and being a polio survivor has made him one of the most committed and passionate persons I have met about eradicating polio. His presentations and interactions with others reflect this.

In my opinion, the most significant thing that Bob and Greg accomplished was growing the PolioPlus Society on the West Coast. This past year their respective Zones 26 & 27 were the tops in PolioPlus giving and PolioPlus club participation. A significant reason for this is the Polio Plus Society they have on the US West Coast. It was a primary reason for their successful polio giving last year. This year they already have over 3,000 Polio Plus Society members who have committed over $400,000 to Polio Plus.

Bob has shared this with all End Polio Now Coordinators, and it is gaining momentum worldwide. Bob Rogers truly deserves the Regional Service Award for a Polio-Free World. 


Robert Hall,

Principal, HRH Consulting, Inc.,

Past President Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

Past Director Rotary International

Vice Chair Rotary’s End Polio Now Countdown to History Committee