District Training Assembly –  Breakout Sessions

 Club Management, Membership & Information

  • DACdb 1
  • DACdb 2
  • DACdb 3
  • Rotary 101: The Big Picture
  • Public Image: Public Relations and Branding
  • Fundraising Success


  • Membership: Renewal & Recruitment
  • Membership: Culture & Practices of Irresistible Clubs
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Rotary
  • Membership Retention & Motivation

Rotary Youth Exchange

  • RYE Overview (an introduction)
  • RYE Success in your Club (for participating Clubs)

The Rotary Foundation

  • Foundation 101
  • TRF for Club Foundation Teams
  • TRF 101


  • Adopt-a-River
  • Mental Health Focus: How are you, really?
  • Environmental Project
  • International Service Projects
  • International Service Projects: Mexico Focus
  • Rotaract
  • Innovation & Creativity: Rotary out of the Box

Club Management and Rotary Information

DACdb 1 “101” The essential tools for clubs

DACdb = District and Club Data Base. The info infrastructure and communication tools needed for most any Rotary project are within DACdb; it’s become our most important management tool. Learn the ‘need-to-knows’ to bring ease and smoothness to just about any Rotary activity from membership enhancement to fundraisers to service projects. And for some serious excitement, get a glimpse of some of DACdb’s amazing optional add-ons open up the magic for finance, websites, member engagement. Come be a data-swinging rock star!  DG Jennifer Strong (Lakeport)

DACdb 2  — Information and reporting

Especially for Secretaries and Treasurers, and also for club leaders and board members interested in being able to easily access and manage club information. DG Jennifer Strong (Lakeport)

DACdb 3 Essentials for Club Secretaries & Treasurers ~ Jennifer Strong

Here comes the magic.  Enjoy ease and efficiency in your roles with the basics of DACdb including recent improvements, best practices for membership info management, streamlined reporting, newsletters and other communications, and, yes, more. Bring your questions!  DG Jennifer Strong (Lakeport)

Public Relations / Public Image:  How To Tell Your Rotary Story ~

As we embark on this amazing opportunity to REIMAGINE our clubs as we enter this exciting new world of rebirth, how can we reinvigorate our public image.  This session will start with the basics – how to tell that ROTARY STORY in your club.  Concrete and specific ideas and suggestions on the use of traditional media, new media and cross promotional media.  You’ll walk away with some creative ideas to take back into your club to start with right away.  Cindy Denbo, District 5130 Public Image CoChair & Mary Crumley

Fundraising: Let’s Ask a Pro

Isn’t it time we heard from a pro?  A changing world calls for new funding and fundraising approaches. Feeling frustrated? If it’s getting old, daunting and difficult to pull in the money your club needs for transformative projects, then this session offers new perspectives. Learn about what works, from a professional NFP development professional, Carly Robbins, Development Director of Food for People.  Take back to your club a fresh clarity on money-raising strategies.  Carly Robbins (Eureka)

Rotary 101:  The Big Picture

Learn more about how our organization works today. Jim Flamson and Kathy Flamson (Calistoga)


Retain and Motivate Members, Inspire Action

The best way to develop and sustain membership? Be a great, amazing, irresistible Rotary Club.  Advance the awesomeness of your club with specific practices that motivate and inspire service. Explore how to use your particular club’s strengths to enroll and energize your members in the ways most natural to you.  Whether or not you’re in a formal leadership role, you can help your club create and sustain a culture of positive, service-oriented action. Maureen Merrill (Windsor)

Membership: It takes a team. For Chairs, Membership Committee members and board members.

Don’t leave the most important part of club success to chance . .  . or to one person!  It takes a team to sustain a smooth, effective and enticing membership program that brings in new members, assures their positive relationship to the club and supports retention.  It’s tough to hold committees together, so learn about a different approach.  Here’s how to use a working membership team to implement several specific actions that will grow your club now.  Jack Strange (Santa Rosa Sunrise) & Maureen Merrill (Windsor)

Membership success:  Culture & Practices of Irresistible Clubs

No secret:  membership has been down overall in our district both before and after COVID. However, several clubs have thrived in the same time period, not only in continuing service and relevance, but in maintaining robust membership growth and retention.  How?  Learn what two of these clubs do to stay strong in tough times.  Ian Schatz, Arcata Sunrise and Jack Strange, Santa Rosa Sunrise

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Rotary

Rotary’s long-standing commitment to diversity is now up front in our organizational values as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. These concepts are recognized as key to our success, our spirit and our service.  Come to explore what DEI means for a club and its members, and the impact that your practices can have in your community.  Romi C. Hitchcock-Tinseth (Arcata Sunrise)

Rotary Youth Exchange

 Youth Exchange: Enhancing Engagement in Your Club ~

Youth Exchange an introduction”

Are You Looking for Passionate Members Who Engaged in International, Youth and Community Goals Daily?!

Rotary Youth Exchange hits on all three of these major Rotary pillars all while increasing the engagement and energy of your club members!

Clubs who participate in Rotary Youth Exchange report having more community interest in Rotary and more active membership. Exchange students help to grow the Rotary family by being a living, breathing example of Rotary’s dedication to international peace. Much of Rotary leadership have participated in youth exchange by sponsoring, hosting or even have been exchange students themselves! The passion for Rotary that comes from youth exchange is unmatched.  Haider Ajina (SW Eureka), Brian Lovell (Arcata), Nancy Dean (Eureka), Klark Swan (Eureka), Grace Lovell (Arcata)

Youth Exchange for participating clubs – Haider Ajina

Generational Peacemakers Panel.  Does your club participate in one of the most impactful programs Rotary has to offer, Rotary Youth Exchange? Excellent.

Join us for a panel of experts including former RYE students, host families, RYE families and district leadership to dig deep into the successes and challenges of Rotary Youth Exchange. Following the panel share outs we will discuss topics like: how to increase your club participation, how RYE reaches potential new members, how to support our peacemakers in times of challenge, and how to engage a larger pool of host families. join the conversation and share your experience as we continue to move the needle closer to world peace.  Haider Ajina (SW Eureka), Brian Lovell (Arcata), Nancy Dean (Eureka), Klark Swan (Eureka), Grace Lovell (Arcata)

The Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation 101:  An enticing overview

What is the Rotary Foundation? What does it do? How is it changing local communities and communities around the world? Why is it so successful? How can we be involved? Join five Rotary Foundation experts in an interactive session to answer these questions and more that you may have. This session is for new and experienced Rotarians who really want to understand what the Rotary Foundation is all about.  Panelists: District Foundation Chair Kevin Eisenberg, Grants Chair Terry Dereniuk, Zone Polio+ Coordinator Bob Rogers, Endowment Major Gifts Chair David Mark-Raymond, International Service Chair Salvador Rico.

The Rotary Foundation for Club Foundation Chairs, Committees and all Club Officers

Learn how to make the most of the Rotary Foundation in your club. Participants and panelists will cover: how to ask for donations and get results, why do people give, new Foundation resources for clubs and Rotarians, making the Foundation important in your club, the true story on points recognitions, what the heck is this Triple Crown thing everyone is talking about and how to use it in your club, what the PolioPlus Society is all about, finding the best resources including forms and reports, and anything else you would like to cover. Join us in this interactive session, centered on your issues and concerns.  Panelists: District Foundation Chair Kevin Eisenberg, Zone Polio+ Coordinator Bob Rogers, Endowment Major Gifts Chair David Mark-Raymond, Paul Harris Society and Triple Crown Chair Len Geraldi


Environmental Projects: saving the world one project at a time~

Environmentally-oriented projects and our Rotary International focus on the environment are infusing new energy into our clubs and drawing positive attention.  Learn more about how your club can be involved and benefit your community, membership and public image in the process.  Learn about ESRAG, Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group and its resources for local projects. Barbara McChesney (Windsor); Peter Hoberg (Santa Rosa Sunrise), Emily Rainsford (Santa Rosa East West), Norm Fujita (Healdsburg)  Two-sessions, same content

Innovation and Creativity in Clubs:  Rotary Outside of the Box  –

It’s time to band together in our communities and expand our reach!   This session is chock full of tips on partnering with other organizations, leveraging your community service projects to increase exposure for your club and tips on how to increase our exposure partnering with other organizations’ events and projects.  Tom Boylan, District Governor 2023-24

International Service Projects

Exemplary service projects result from passion and planning. Learn how your Rotary Club can help change the world and touch lives in places that are far away on the globe, but close to our hearts in friendship and service. Jim O’Grady (Petaluma Valley), District-Governor Nominee (2024-25)

International Service:  Mexico focus

Mexican Rotary Clubs make natural partners in service for clubs in our area.  Learn how we create positive change while developing strong relationships, learning and traveling, while seeing the effects of life-changing projects. Our dollars go a long way in Mexican service projects, and the benefits come with great in club spirit and pride of accomplishment. David Mark-Raymond (Sebastopol Sunrise) and Salvador Rico (So. Ukiah)

Mental Health Focus:  How are you, really?

Rotary International President Gordon McInally is challenging Rotarians to focus on mental health issues in our communities, and to offer hope to those affected by mental health challenges.  Noting that this is a crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gordon points out that “many have lost family members, found their social networks uprooted, and had their educational and developmental paths interrupted. More people around the world are facing mental health issues. And yet, seeking assistance is often perceived as a sign of weakness. Reaching out for help is courageous — and continuing on a path toward wellness is even more so.”

Our takeaway for this session is to increase awareness within our district and to bring Rotarians together to create a program that we can share across the district. Please consider joining in the presentation and learning more about how we can help bring mental health issues into focus and out of the shadows. DGE Tom Boylan (Windsor) and April Leiferman (Lakeport), and Joyce Overton, Lake County Senior Center 


Rotary’s club for young adults is strong around the world and has given service through District 5130 Rotaract Clubs for decades.  Rotaract Cubs are both community-based and college/university-based.  Learn about the Rotary-Rotaract relationship, and how Rotaract works. Explore what role your club may wish to take in helping a new generation serve in their own way.  You may be helping to prepare the next generation of your own club. Kathy Flamson (Calistoga)