Rotary District 5130 Expense Reimbursement Request

The District acknowledges that Rotarians may experience out-of-pocket expenses while conducting District business or leading training sessions. Each committee and event may build into their budget amounts to reimburse these expenses with the following rules:
** Mileage will be allowed at the current IRS rate if the distance traveled is over 100 miles one way. Mileage may be documented using a map program such as MapQuest or by a log entry of beginning and ending mileage (with no extraneous mileage).
** Airfare will be the economy rate and no seat upgrades, meals, or travel insurance.
** Hotels are basic queen/king bedrooms. No room service, no pay per view, no laundry. Bell tips OK.
** Meals shall be reimbursed at a reasonable actual expense (no alcohol).
** Parking, shuttles, ground transportation, etc. shall be the most economical method available.
Expense reimbursements are paid on the 20th of the month. Please submit all requests within 30 days of the expense occurring.
The District requires a completed W-9 form for services totaling more than $600 annually. The District will provide a completed 1099 at year’s end.