District Governor Newsletter









Dear Rotary Family,

As we are rounding the last lap of this Rotary year, I hope you are reflecting on all we’ve accomplished.  Who would have thought last July that we would be meeting remotely?  Who would have thought we would have people in our meetings sitting in faraway places like Germany?  Who would have thought we would be able to attend a meeting in Eureka, Santa Rosa, and Petaluma – all in the same day!?  I’m so proud of all of you and what you’ve done!  You’ve fed people, housed people, given hope to those who are feeling isolated.  You’ve come together – at a distance – to do what Rotarians do best – Do Goodery!  You’ve cooperated, coordinated, and collaborated.  You’ve given homes to those from other countries to keep them safe.  You’ve worked together to keep everyone safely apart.

We also have many things that bring us a bit of sorrow.  These are things that we are grieving over because they are losses.  These are things like canceling the Foundation Celebration South due to the PSPS and Kincaid Fire; seeing Australia’s land, people and animals devastated by wildfires; and canceling RYLA, Western Safari for Youth Exchange, fundraisers and major club projects due to the Covid-19 virus.  

Out of loss comes education and experience.  We will all be different people because of what we’ve gone through this year, those that were positive and those that were learning opportunities.  I’ve been so lucky to be sharing this with you.  Knowing I have an entire District at my back is very empowering.  I hope you know you have the same team under your Do-Goodery capes, helping you to fly higher.  You are superheroes of our District.  Thank you for your spirit and passion.   Let’s make these last 2 months of this Rotary year even more positive!  See you on my computer screen!


Kathy Flamson
Rotary Club of Calistoga
Rotary District 5130
District Governor 2019 – 2020