Hello, District 5130. Jennifer Strong, District Governor, coming to you with the September update. I am currently standing in the yard of my new friend, Healdsburg Rotarian, Cathy King, who was so kind to host me last night after my visit and wonderful social that we had last night with Healdsburg Rotary. I’ll tell you, if you aren’t getting out and visiting some of the other clubs you really should as this is where a lot of Rotary magic is found. 

Couple of updates for you. First of all, registration is now open for our Foundation Celebrations. Two events to choose from, or both! Saturday, October 8th is in Santa Rosa. It’s an event starting at 3:00 PM, Oktoberfest celebration. So wear your lederhosen, bring your Beer stein and be prepared to celebrate Oktoberfest-style. The following weekend, Saturday, October 15th, we will be in Eureka celebrating mardi gras style. Both of these are going to be wonderful opportunities for you to come together with Rotarians and guests from around the district and celebrate all of the wonderful achievements last year with the Foundation and international projects and grants. So make sure that you check that out.

Also, don’t forget the Governor’s Environmental Challenge. Every month, there’s a new challenge encouraging the clubs to take a look at incorporating some fun ideas of emphasis on the environment. If you want to participate, we are going to be handing those awards out next year at the District Conference at Konocti in May.  Remember, you can go back and do past months!  All of the information on that Governor’s Challenge and the Foundation Celebrations can be found on our website at rotary5130.org. In addition, do not forget the $500 environmental project grant. That is still up for grabs for each club who participates in some sort of environmental project.  So again, all that information can be found at rotary5130.org.

Finally, if you have not liked our district Facebook page, please do so. We have been all kinds of cool stuff that is going on in our district. A lot of the activities and events and programs that the clubs are doing, we’re sharing there. It’s a great opportunity for you to go out and, again, meet some new friends, get some new ideas, share best practices, and maybe get some ideas for fundraisers or club socials. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Keep up all of the good work that you’re doing, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

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