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We started the year down a few members but picked up new members in the first third of the year. Be sure to invite someone to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a club project. When people volunteer to help with a community project, they get to work alongside Rotarians. If we are friendly people, they will want to know more about the organization that binds us together.
People ask me what I have learned about our District so far, and what I can see is that every city, town, or rural location has benefitted because Rotary lives there. The impact Rotary has on small communities is dramatic when you look at the accomplishments they have provided. Often, I see that same effort in the larger population areas. Still, we don’t see the same recognition for Rotary’s work due to the variety of other organizations and their projects.
It is critical to ensure that every project and accomplishment is promoted to our neighbors through local media, social media, and word-of-mouth exchange. In the past, Rotary kept things quiet when it came to being recognized for our work, but that time is done. Rotary International is asking all of our Rotarians to let the world know what we have accomplished.
Competition for members and donations is the strongest it has ever been, and our marketing partners’ recommendation told us that we need to brag a little so that everyone will know Rotary works. Rotarians are people of action, and I am grateful to work with every Rotary Club and member in our District.

Rotary strives to reflect the people of our communities and look forward to becoming a more diverse and committed group anxious to work together to make our world a better place. If you have read this far, I ask you to Find a Local Rotary Club and see for yourself the amazing opportunities we can offer to one another.

Thanks for taking the time to read the latest.

Tom Boylan
District Governor 

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