Fellow Rotarians in District 5130 ...

Howdy Partners!

Well, here we are in our final quarter of service as club and district leaders. We have already accomplished so much, and yet we still have time to do more.

‘Wait, he just said club leaders and I’m just a regular club member’ No, you read this correctly; the way I see it, every Rotarian is a club and district leader.

We are “People of Action”. We observe our neighborhoods, our communities, our world, and we see things that can be better, people who need a hand up (not a hand out, although sometimes, we do that too), and we do something about it. Often in very innovative ways. We are the leaders. We set the example.

Don’t slow down now; keep going full speed until you reach the finish line on June 30! I love the old adage that it should not be your goal to reach the end of your life in a well preserved body; it should be to go full blast, skidding past the finish line, worn out, exhausted, and screaming “WOO-HOO, WHAT A RIDE”! I would say you should approach the remainder of this 2016-2017 Rotary year with that kind of mindset. Always ask yourself, and your club: what more can we do?

In membership, many of the clubs have made significant strides in growing, or re-growing their club. I would just caution that you need to watch out for those that might walk out the back door as you approach June 30. Consider reaching out to all your members, especially those who have not been that engaged, those who you have not seen much this year. Make sure that Rotary is still relevant for them. If you check with your members now, and expose issues that might make some members leave, you have time to fix those issues, to make some changes in order to retain those members.

Although it sounds like I’m speaking to club presidents, I really am speaking to every Rotarian. Talk to the members sitting next to you at the meeting, or working next to you at your event or project. Find out how they feel about the club and what it is doing. If they’re just not feeling it, have them talk to club leaders. If they don’t, you should. Give the leaders a chance to make a change, to make the club relevant for everyone.

Finally, I invite you to join me in Atlanta in June for the Rotary International Convention, celebrating 100 years of the Rotary Foundation. Another great opportunity to learn more about Rotary, to make new friends from around the world, and to hear messages of hope, inspiration and success, from world leaders.

To register, use this link: http://www.riconvention.org/en

Additionally, there is a Presidential Peace Conference, which will be held on the Friday before the Convention, as well as a multi-district (Bay Area districts) evening reception and a Zone (23 districts in the western US) breakfast you may want to attend.

District Reception, Link coming soon.

Zone Breakfast, register here:  http://www.zone2526.org/
Presidential Peace Conference, register here:   http://www.riconvention.org/en/atlanta/presidential-peace-conference

Wishing you all continued success and happiness in all things Rotary, in your businesses and professions, and most importantly in your personal and family lives.

My very warmest regards,

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