Fellow Rotarians in District 5130 ...

Howdy Partners!District Governor Wulff Reinhold

I am honored to serve as your District Governor for the 2016-2017 Rotary year!  Paula and I truly look forward to meeting you all during my club visits and hearing of all the great things you do to make your communities and this world a better place.  Rotary Serving Humanity, our Rotary International President John Germ’s theme this year, is a perfect statement for what we do.

As Rotary evolves to remain relevant and effective in today’s ever-changing societies and the generations that drive them, Rotary’s leaders have adjusted traditional guidelines to allow clubs and their members more flexibility and more opportunity.

Member engagement, value propositions, and relevance are goals that clubs should be striving for, all of course while having incredible amounts of FUN!!!

2016-2017 marks a milestone year, with the 100 year anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.  In addition, the Rotary International Convention returns to North America, with a huge celebration planned in Atlanta Georgia, June 10-14, 2017.


Finally, I urge you all to plan to gather and celebrate the good works of members and clubs in our district at my DisCon (district conference), May 12-14, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV.  As I mentioned at PDG Erin’s conference in Napa this year, special rate room reservations for this are available now at


The actual conference registration will be available later.


See y’all on the trail!

Warmest regards,

Wulff A. Reinhold

Rotary Serving Humanity

District Governor Wulff's Club Visits!

Club Visit Date
Fortuna Sunrise BOD 7/12/2016
Fortuna Sunrise Club 7/13/2016
Old Town Eureka BOD 7/18/2016
Old Town Eureka Club 7/19/2016
Ferndale BOD 7/19/2016
Ferndale Club 7/19/2016
Arcata BOD 7/20/2016
Arcata Club 7/20/2016
North Bay Rotaract 7/20/2016
Fortuna BOD 7/21/2016
Fortuna Club 7/21/2016
Southwest Eureka BOD 7/22/2016
Southwest Eureka Club 7/22/2016
Ukiah BOD 7/26/2016
Ukiah Club 7/26/2016
Fort Bragg BOD 7/27/2016
Fort Bragg Club 7/27/2016
Mendocino BOD 7/28/2016
Mendocino Club 7/28/2016
Gualala BOD 7/29/2016
Gualala Club 7/29/2016
Healdsburg BOD 8/1/2016
Healdsburg Club 8/1/2016
Santa Rosa East BOD 8/2/2016
Santa Rosa East Club 8/2/2016
Healdsburg Sunrise BOD 8/2/2016
Healdsburg Sunrise Club 8/3/2016
Cloverdale BOD 8/4/2016
Cloverdale Club 8/4/2016
Eureka BOD 8/8/2016
Eureka Club 8/8/2016
Lost Coast Rotaract 8/8/2016
Del Norte Sunrise BOD 8/9/2016
Del Norte Sunrise Club 8/10/2016
Crescent City BOD 8/11/2016
Crescent City Club 8/11/2016
Arcata Sunrise BOD 8/11/2016
Arcata Sunrise Club 8/12/2016
Windsor BOD 8/15/2016
Windsor Club 8/16/2016
Russian River BOD 8/16/2016
Russian River Club 8/16/2016
Garberville BOD 8/23/2016
Garberville Club 8/23/2016
Santa Rosa Junior College Rotaract 8/24/2016
Mad River BOD 8/25/2016
Mad River Club 8/25/2016
Clearlake BOD 8/30/2016
Clearlake Club 8/30/2016
Sonoma Valley Club 8/31/2016
Sonoma Valley BOD 8/31/2016
Napa Valley College Rotaract 8/31/2016
Calistoga BOD 9/1/2016
Calistoga Club 9/1/2016
Kelseyville Sunrise BOD 9/1/2016
Kelseyville Sunrise Club 9/2/2016
Saint Helena BOD 9/6/2016
Saint Helena Club 9/6/2016
Napa BOD 9/7/2016
Napa Club 9/7/2016
Napa Sunrise BOD 9/7/2016
Napa Sunrise Club 9/8/2016
Middletown BOD 9/8/2016
Middletown Club 9/9/2016
Santa Rosa West BOD 9/12/2016
Santa Rosa West Club 9/12/2016
Lakeport Club 9/14/2016
Lakeport BOD 9/14/2016
South Ukiah BOD 9/14/2016
South Ukiah Club 9/15/2016
Willits BOD 9/15/2016
Willits Club 9/15/2016
North Napa Club 9/20/2016
North Napa BOD 9/20/2016
Santa Rosa BOD 9/21/2016
Santa Rosa Club 9/21/2016
Santa Rosa Sunrise BOD 9/21/2016
Santa Rosa Sunrise Club 9/22/2016
Valley of the Moon BOD 9/22/2016
Valley of the Moon 9/23/2016
Sebastopol BOD 9/23/2016
Sebastopol Club 9/23/2016
Sebastopol Sunrise BOD 9/27/2016
Sebastopol Sunrise Club 9/28/2016
Glen Ellen - Kenwood BOD 9/28/2016
Glen Ellen - Kenwood Club 9/28/2016
Petaluma BOD 9/29/2016
Petaluma Club 9/29/2016
Sonoma State University Rotaract 10/4/2016
South Sonoma County Rotaract 10/4/2016
Petaluma Valley BOD 10/5/2016
Petaluma Valley Club 10/5/2016
Rancho Cotati BOD 10/6/2016
Rancho Cotati Club 10/6/2016
Petaluma Sunrise BOD 10/6/2016
Petaluma Sunrise 10/7/2016
Rohnert Park-Cotati BOD 10/17/2016
Rohnert Park-Cotati Club 10/18/2016

Congratulations to Jennifer Strong - District 5130 Rotarian of the Year!

At the Rotary District 5130 Conference in Napa, Jennifer Strong was named Rotarian of the Year by District Governor Erin Dunn. Jennifer is the President of the Rotary Club of Lakeport, and she provided strong leadership for our District's quick response to last year's Valley Fire, which devastated over 75,000 acres in Lake County, killing at least four people.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

2015-2016 District Governor Erin Dunn and Jennifer Strong with

RI President's Representative John Smarge