Imagine life without electricity… every single day. No hot meals, heat during the winter, TV, and countless other comforts and necessities. This is the reality that millions of Ukrainians are facing now. The Rotary Clubs of Santa Rosa and Rosenheim-Innstadt in Bavaria, Germany, are asking for your help, as they have joined forces to fundraise and purchase off-grid electrical equipment to support Ukrainians in need. The equipment will be sourced in Germany and distributed through the Rotary Club of Cherkasy-Centre, Ukraine.

Generators for heating and charging centers, hospitals, and residential buildings are priced from $700 – $2,150. And battery packs for charging phones, laptops, and the like are priced between $850 – $1,300. The fundraising goal for the project is $70,000, and we ask that you please consider contributions for one or more pieces of equipment.

By donating and helping to fund these vital pieces of equipment, the Ukrainians will be able to partially cover the needs of boarding schools where orphans study and live; help medical facilities, such as geriatric and palliative centers, where people live out their lives; and to provide warmth and light to people living in front-line cities. Sometimes, it takes more than a village. Download the information here.