The spirit of mutual aid is present at Spirit Horse Ranch in American Canyon, where Napa Sunrise and Napa Noon Rotary clubs have combined their District Grant monies to support this equine therapy ranch with a donation of $12,000.

Spirit Horse was founded by Charlotte Dougherty, who shares that she was caught in a web of abuse and addiction for most of her young life. On October 2, 2009, she made a decision to change her situation, and she now has a vision of change for many others in her community.

The ranch offers students who have seen their own share of troubles an opportunity to work with the horses and each other to understand life has so much to offer those who give back. In addition to the ranch’s youth programs, they have extended their outreach to help Veteran’s overcome PTSD and other trauma-related concerns through the same therapy offered to young people.

According to Charlotte, the ranch offers rehabilitation to the horses they harbor and the people they help. Many of the animals on the ranch are going through rehabilitation of their own after suffering injuries that removed them from the role of show animals. In some cases, there are animals that have been mistreated and frail. The young students and others are instrumental in offering an opportunity to thrive.

Mutual admiration and support are what you find at Spirit Horse Ranch, and the Rotary Clubs of Napa are working together to improve the lives of so many people and horses because they worked together to make it happen.  Thank yous go out to Club Presidents Joyce Prescott, Patricia Lawrence, and all the members of Napa Rotary and Napa Sunrise Rotary members.