Nominations Close July 31, 2021

Our Definition of Ethical Behavior

ETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN BUSINESS means conducting your business in a transparent values-based manner consisting of integrity, honesty, and respect that in turn results in outcomes comprising fairness, equity, and dignity.

Recipient Selection Process

Initial Nominations:

In order to nominate an organization we only require you to say who you are, who you are nominating, and a pretty simple “why.” Initial nominations can be made here.

Accepting the Nomination:

The next step is that our committee sends the nominees a few questions that they have to answer in order to accept the nomination. It is not an overly arduous questionnaire, 6-8 questions.

Initial Vetting of Nominee:

Next we have a subcommittee that vets all of the organizations that accept a nomination and passes the top responses on to our Blue Ribbon Panel.

Blue Ribbon Panel:

Finally, the Blue Ribbon Panel, which is made up of local business leaders, primarily outside of the Rotary District 5130, selects our recipients.

We Are Looking For Nominations Based on the Number of Employees

  • Large Business – 51 and more employees
  • Medium Business – 16 – 50 employees
  • Small Business – Up to 15 employees
  • Non-Profit Organizations – Any number of employees